Pavel Acevedo’s residency brings art to life inside the FC Art Gallery

The FC Art Gallery displays Mexican artist Pavel Acevedo’s printmaking pieces in thought-provoking ways to its audiences.
Hidden behind a mask, printmaking major Sara Rovira attends Pavel Acevedos exhibition In Spring We Are Reborn/ Renaceremos En Cada Primavera on Thursday, Feb. 15.
Hidden behind a mask, printmaking major Sara Rovira attends Pavel Acevedo’s exhibition “In Spring We Are Reborn/ Renaceremos En Cada Primavera” on Thursday, Feb. 15.
Bryan Chavez

The opening night of new artist-in-residence Pavel Acevedo’s gallery “In Spring We Are Reborn/ Renaceremos En Cada Primavera” displayed stunning scenery with lots of naturalistic and modern touches to its audience on Thursday, Feb. 15. Pieces that displayed the art style of printmaking filled the room in a way that left the gallery open for the viewer’s interpretation.

Upon arrival, one could notice the line growing outside the gallery just before the opening ceremony at 4 p.m.

When the doors opened, people swarmed in from different directions, making the room instantly fill up with the loud chatter of eager guests.

“When I came into the gallery, I was excited to see a printmaking show,” said 2D design and color theory professor Shirin Rastin. She then pointed out the turnout and said, “I think I will have to come back another time when there’s less people.”

Graphic design major Manny Martinez examines Pavel Acevedo’s wood block carvings. (Bryan Chavez)

All of the pieces that were shown created a feeling of different emotions while viewing them. The way art was displayed throughout the gallery intricately worked together to tell a beautiful story.

“It was stunning. I really clicked with the piece where this girl is the actual organs of the flower, and her hands are in her face,” said Fullerton College student Spin Bowman.

Acevedo hoped to get each guest that walked in involved with all the pieces and connect them to the messages shown.

Santa Ana residents Isidro Garcia and Adriana Sanchez made the drive to Fullerton College on Thursday, Feb. 15 to show their admiration towards Pavel Acevedo’s art. (Bryan Chavez )

“I expect them to be involved with the artwork and ask questions. Seeing them inspired by my work inside the gallery is really cool to see,” said Acevedo.

Theatre major Getzemany Bayardo mentioned that they found the gallery to be outstanding and they appreciated the details in each work of art. “It’s amazing. I love the subtle details that are filled with pastoral symbolism and emotional imagery,” said Bayardo.

Just outside the gallery was a stand where Acevedo was selling some of his works and some stickers, which had a line that was always filled.

Studio art major Mark Rojo receives an autograph from artist in residence Pavel Acevedo. (Bryan Chavez)

“Printmaking galleries should be more common because quite frankly it’s more impactful to see tangible things and see the temperaments of where the mark was made,” said Bowman.

“In Spring We Are Reborn/ Renaceremos En Cada Primavera” will be open at the FC Art Gallery located in the 1000 building until March 5. Viewing times for this gallery are Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more information on upcoming events related to the gallery, visit the Fullerton College Art Department website.

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