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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Do you think the school is prepared to handle a massive earthquake?

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Kevin Olmos.jpg
Kevin Olmos, Business Administration Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I think it is because of the structures. We’re not really around any tall buildings, and we’re kind of an outside campus.”

Kevin Olmos: Business Administration


Rocio Estrada.jpg
Rocio Estrada, Business Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I do think Fullerton College is prepared. I’ve seen how they have prepared and the drills that have been doing lately. They’re proactive about being ready.”

Rocio Estrada: Business Administration


Brenda Bocz.jpg
Brenda Bocz, Business Management Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“Yeah and no. Fullerton College is pretty old. In some of my classes the condition isn’t great, so I don’t think it’s that safe. It just depends where you’re at.”

Brenda Bocz: Business Management


Valerie Alcaraz.jpg
Valerie Alcaraz, Biological Science Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I think the school has given students the necessary information they need to be informed, but whether or not the students utilize that information to be prepared, is up to them.”

Valerie Alcaraz: Biological Science

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