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Campus participates in safety drill

Fullerton College participated in the Great California Shakeout on Thursday and had a positive turnout. The drill took place at 10:16 am; professors and students evacuated their classrooms to several safe zones and to the triage located on quad.

The Building Marshal of the Natural Science division office, Debbie Horrocks, was in charge of making sure the building was clear. During the drill the division had a successful evacuation.

“ I think it’s a good drill, because we never know when the big one is going to come” Horrocks said.

The event began in California in 2008 to prepare residents for earthquakes. Natural disasters occur all over the world and earthquakes in California are of high risk. The shakeout’s purpose is to prepare people incase of an emergency and what to do before, during and after an earthquake.

Most of Fullerton College’s staff and students believe that the shakeout drill is necessary and not just a waste of time.

“I do think that it is important, we can save lives by taking 30 minutes off to practice” said Professor Jeff Rodine, Humanities division.

According to the new forecast, by the Southern California Earthquake Center and The U.S Geological Survey California , the state has a 99.7 percent chance of having a magnitude of a 6.7 earthquake or larger.

During the next 30 years, the likelihood of an even more powerful quake, of magnitude 7.5 or greater, is 46 percent. Such a quake is more likely to occur in the southern half of the state due to the San Andrea’s Fault.

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