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YouTubers taking their pranks too far.

The beauty of making a YouTube video is that people can record quirky, funny and creative videos of themselves and post it on YouTube. But when do the pranks cross the line? When do YouTubers take advantage of the “power” they hold?

Recently, YouTuber Sam Pepper took one of his pranks too far. He recorded and posted a video on his YouTube page, which has 2,369,634 subscribers, where he continuously pinched the bums of girls on the street. Which was later taken down from his page but not after causing an outrage on various social media sites.

It feels like many celebrities, actors, musicians and “you tubers” rise to fame and seemingly become very successful at a young age. They have to realize that any mistakes that they make will be seen and scrutinized by the public eye.

Whether or not it’s called a “prank,” it isn’t okay for anyone to go around sexually harassing people yet alone record it, then post it to a public domain and in turn humiliate the people that were involved.

Not all YouTubers do things that are harmful and offensive. Some of these entertainers take the power that is given to them by their subscribers and followers on other sites to do good things.

Many others use their ability to communicate with the public to spread positive and helpful things with their followers. Many YouTube stars have posted videos about how they cope with their anxiety, depression and other health disorders.

Acacia Brinley, Zoella and Cherry Wallis have all posted videos about their own personal experiences with anxiety and how they cope with it. These videos can help their followers, many whom are very young, see a different outlook on anxiety if they are coping with it themselves or know someone who is dealing with it.

Sometimes other topics that have been brought up by widely known Online celebrities are controversial and they know that they will most likely get attacked by the Online public.

The feminist movement and same sex marriage videos seem to get a lot of attention from “haters” and people who are naive. If a female or sometimes even a male post a video about gender equality and you scroll down to the comment section you will find many people who post rude statements that are extremely sexist such as, “get back in the kitchen” or stating that women are uneducated and naive.

YouTube and the people who are quickly rising to fame are not a bad thing but they shouldn’t take their power and abuse it by posting “pranks” that can be considered sexual harassment or put other people in danger.

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