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Earthquake preparedness

Emergencies can happen anywhere and it is important to be prepared, especially for students who are constantly commuting from home to school to work to all the other events happening on a day to day basis. By having an emergency kit in the car full of the essentials, students can be prepared anywhere they go.

Essentials to carry in the car:

-Backpack or bag to place all items in.

-Flashlight with extra batteries.

-List of emergencies phone numbers of family members, designated out of state family member to check in with and emergency personal.

-Money: in small bills or coins.

-First-aid kit



-Food: non-perishables like canned fruits with pop-tops, protein bars and crackers.

Make sure to watch the expiration date on food and water. Keep a list in the kitchen with the expiration dates on the and try using and replacing them before that date.

Having an extra jacket, closed-toe shoes and blanket can also help if weather temperatures change or having to walk through rubble or glass covered areas.

“Cell lines will be down so try to send out texts or emails to family members to let them know that you’re okay and where you are” says Justin Bender, La Habra Police Officer. “Designate an out-of-state family member for everyone to call and check in with.”

While these kits are easy to make with items that can be found around the house, there are also websites and stores that sell car kits for every family need., Amazon and Walmart are a few sites and stores to name a few.

“Its better to be prepared than to be caught in a life or death situation,” Bender said.

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