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Student Voter Guide

Here are the different propositions this upcoming election

Student Voter Guide

Bonds going towards schools: Through the state constitution, school and community college districts can sell bonds which will help renovate of school facilities. The constitution allows that the money from the bonds can only go towards the schools.

-Measure H: Anaheim Union High School District: $249,000

-Measure I: Fullerton Joint Union HSD: $175,000

-Measure J: North OC Community College District: $574,000

Proposition 1: Bonds for Water Supply

There are many water systems in California which are out of date. If Prop 1 passes it will sell 7.1 billion in new bonds and 425 million in already approved bonds to update water supply and quality.

How is it going to cost us?

It will cost $360 million yearly over a period of 40 years to pay back the bonds.

Proposition 2: State Budget Reserve


The state has a “rainy day fund” which organizes money when the economy is up and sets it aside for the down years. If Prop 2 passes the rules for this rainy reserve will change regarding how much money can go into it and how it can be used. For the next 15 years, half of the money will pay off state debts but there will also be a new reserve created for the local school and community colleges when the economy is strong. This new reserve will change the rules for K-12 school district budget reserves.

Proposition 45: Healthcare Insurance Rates

Overview: It will establish new rules for changes to healthcare insurance rates for individual and employer small-group plans. The state Insurance Commissioner will have the power to approve this rate changes for these plans.

Proposition 46: Medical Safety and Lawsuits

Right now medical negligence is defined as “substandard care from a doctor which leads to injuries for the patient.” Medical negligence lawsuits pay for economic damages-the financial cost of the injury and non-economic-“pain and suffering” which is limited by the state to 250,000.

If Proposition 46 passes the non-economic damages will be raised to more than a million dollars, drug and alcohol testing will be required of doctors and health care workers will have to check a database before prescribing drugs.

Proposition 47: Reducing Criminal Penalties

If this proposition passes certain non-violent felonies can be marked down to misdemeanors unless the defendant has prior convictions. The money saved from these changes, “estimated to be in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually” would be used for mental health and drug treatment programs, K-12 schools and victim services.

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