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Ouija Movie Review

Ouija came out just in time for Halloween to evoke a good scare. Even though this is not the first movie to be based off the famous Hasbro game, which is a device used to communicate with ghosts, this film definitely has the creep factor and decent story line to be one of this year’s Halloween theatrical hits.

Though the actual Ouija board is seen as a child’s toy, this film is not for children or the weak of stomach.

The entire film revolves around a promising cast that is obsessed with an antique board game they find due to the suspicious death of a friend.

During an investigation by Laine (Olivia Cook) to find out why her cheerful, right-minded best friend Debby (Shelly Henning) committed suicide. Laine along with her boyfriend, her sister and a few friends, decide to do a seance in an attempt to contact Debby through the game.

The filmmakers really emphasized the immature curiosity that ordinarily accompanies horror movies.

There is an obvious line in the film of reality and imagination. The board’s realism has been questioned for centuries and a lot of the movie focuses on that, to the point where they show something that most people have probably done themselves, extensive research on Google to see if there is any truth to the stories.

The special effects of the film are great yet typical and expected from any movie of the same genre. The filmmakers had to step up the gore factor with things like lips being sewn shut and eyes turning colors and rolling back inside heads.

Anyone that is looking for a fun night out with their friends will definitely enjoy this movie, especially since it is so close to the scariest time of the year. It is your average teenage scream fest that anyone would enjoy.

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