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The Cadena Cultural Center welcomed all Fullerton College students to an early celebration for International Women’s Day.
Matthew Gonzalez
The message that hornet student Jayjay Avila wrote for her grandma during the International Women’s Day event at Fullerton College on Wednesday, March 6.

From motivating art pins that represented feminism, heartwarming “thank you” postcards and a woman-empowering playlist blasting in the background, the Cadena Cultural Center (CCC) generated tons of attention towards their booth located outside the Cruz Reynoso building on March 6.

Last year, the CCC hosted a classroom event for International Women’s Day, but this year it was time to bring out the celebration where it was visible to every student’s eyes.

“The year before was more educational based, but this one is a little more different, so we came outside and we’re focusing more on giving thanks which is why we provided postcards,” said program assistant Itzel Marin.

There were a total of three postcard designs to choose from. One postcard displayed a quote, “thank you for being you” with a design inspired by Ariana Grande’s album “Thank You, Next.” Two other postcards stated, “I am so proud of you,” and “The world needs more women like you.”

Hornet student Jayjay Avila writes a card to honor her mother on Wednesday, March 6. (Matthew Gonzalez)

As women crowded around the booth, one by one, more male students started to approach the booth, provoking more of them to feel comfortable to check it out as the event continued.

“I thought it was really cool that the men were interested in our event today for International Women’s Day,” said program assistant Samantha Cruz. “A lot of them expressed that they would like to celebrate a lot of artists, musicians and just the woman in their lives… They came to get a postcard and write a special message.”

From couples or groups of friends walking in together, there was a smile plastered on their faces when being told that every woman including them is being celebrated for their existence.

“The event is for everybody. I feel like women are the backbone of society. We all have important women and men in our lives so I believe it’s for everyone,” said Marin.

Samantha Cruz from Cadena Cultural Center speaks with Hornet student Miguel Avila about the International Women’s Day event. (Matthew Gonzalez)

There was a similar response given by many students about the snacks at the event. Although the snacks brought them in, attendees left with a bigger message… women empowerment.

“The crowd caught my attention and I’m not gonna lie, the snacks did as well, but then I saw what the true meaning behind it was and I really liked it. Now I’ll be writing a postcard to my chemistry teacher,” said Eileen Gutierrez, a second year pre-nursing major.

The snacks weren’t the only eye catcher for students, but the sound of voices like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Shakira had a couple of them bobbing their heads.

Students were asked what their overall impression on International Women’s Day is and their main takeaway from this national holiday.

“Everyday should be International Women’s Day. We don’t need a specific day,” said Kenneth Hyun, a first year business economics major. He also shared how the most inspiring woman in his life is his grandma, who calls him her little prince and always buys him food.

As the event came to a close, Cruz and Marin were left content seeing how much unity there was with the same amount of male and female students taking the time to celebrate for a few minutes.

When asked what message Cruz would give to every woman out there for this Friday’s national holiday she said, “Never underestimate a woman and always be their strongest supporter.”

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