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New facilities are in the making at Fullerton College

An updated district master plan revealed a blueprint for a brand new Performing Arts building and Welcome Center that will be built within the next five years.
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Plans are set to build a new Welcome Center that will host most student services that are currently in the 2000 building. The school has not defined the future of the 2000 building once it is empty.

A Fullerton College master plan revealed new buildings are set to be built. They will become a new Hornets Performing Arts Center and Student Welcome Center. According to campus Vice-President of Instruction Jose Ramon Nunez, they will be built on the corner of Chapman Ave. and Lemon St. and will be completed in about four to five years.

The master plan says that the current music building (1100) and theater building (1300) will be demolished. Those organizations will then move all of their necessary items to the new Performing Arts Center, where the Sculpture Center is located as of now.

After these buildings get demolished, Fullerton College will start the creation of a new Welcome Center for students in that same area. Services such as the administration, ID printing, the Counseling Center and EOPS, among others, will move there.

After most of these services move to the new Welcome Center, their current home of the 2000 building will be mostly emptied.

A first draft of the Fullerton College master plan showed that the 2000 building, where other amenities such as the TV studio remain, was set to be demolished after all the other services moved out of there. However, Nunez pointed out that it was a mistake made by the designers of the plan.

“When the company who created the draft for the master plan saw that, they decided, in that case, the 2000 building will be demolished,” said Nunez. “And no, it is not going to be demolished, nobody has talked about demolishing the 2000 building.”

Regardless, Nunez pointed out that there is not currently a plan for the future of the 2000 building. “When that time gets closer, the college community will get together and decide what to do with that building,” said Nunez.

Fullerton College is also currently building a new Cultural Center which will be located on the corner of Chapman Ave. and Newell Pl. Nunez said that the first steps of construction have already started and it will take about 18 months for it to be ready.

“It is going to have, for example, the Veteran Center. It is going to have the Cadena Center. All the cultural centers that we have in the college. They are going to move there,” said Nunez.

Other services such as CalWorks, the FC Food Bank and the Health Center will also move into this new building.

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