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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Oktoberfest at the Muck

The Muckenthaler put together their first Oktoberfest on Sunday, October 12. Many people showed up for the beer, some enjoyed the music and booths at the event, and parents even brought their children along to play.

“This has been a popular turnout, we didn’t expect this many people,” said Adam England, the Director of Operations and Education at the Muckenthaler. “We’re very excited that people are interested in us, the German community and the Muckenthaler.”

The sponsors for the event, Bootlegger’s Brewery and Burger Parlor, donated a part of their proceeds to help the Muckenthaler support the Arch program for children.

It was the Burger Parlor’s first time working with the Muck, but they enjoyed the environment and hope to work together in future.“Everyone’s really friendly, it’s a very positive environment so I like it,” said Michelle Corvino, a member of the Burger Parlor team.

Bootlegger’s has been working with the Muck since the brewery opened six years ago. They try to get involved with as many events as they can, and they brewed a special 90th anniversary ale for the Muck.

“If we do it again next year, advertise it a little more and through word of mouth I think it’ll get bigger next year,” said David Pixler, who was in charge of pouring the beer.

David Pixler pouring some 1500 brew

Some of the visitors, including Caitlin Brennan and her friend Emily Thompson, heard about the event while they were at Bootlegger’s.

“If I heard about them more I would,” said Brennan about attending other events at the Muck. Besides enjoying some beer from a brewery that they liked, they also found some interesting booths at this event.

“Definitely sucker punch was two thumbs up,” said Thompson about the beer that Bootlegger’s had on tap for this Oktoberfest.

Alice Tokunaga, a former intern at the Muck, sold jewelry made out of origami paper and Scrabble pieces. “I’m enjoying the music, enjoying the people,” she said.

Lisa Donlinger and Kay-ta Matsuno from Quattro performing at the Muckenthaler.

Throughout the event, several bands performed and filled the venue with their music. One of the bands, Quattro, performed some originals and put their own spin of Latin pop, Jazz and classical crossover on some well-known songs.


People could take a break and enjoy the live performances while sipping on beer and munching on some sliders. “I feel like there’s some talented musicians,” said Corvino.

This year’s Oktoberfest at the Muckenthaler came together with the help of the sponsors. “Fullerton is a very close community so we help each other out with everything we do,“ said England.

The Muck organizes many events throughout the year and they hope to host Oktoberfest again next year.

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