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Hornets stung during Fullerton Mini Tournament

Nerves ran high at the Fullerton Mini Tournament on Saturday Oct. 18. The Hornets lost both games of the day to Grossmont 7-13 and then 7-11 against Citrus.

At Friday’s Oct. 17,Santa Monica Tournament, the Hornets lost 8-7 against Cerritos and were hoping that Saturday would be their major comeback to their sudden losing streak.

Grossmont scored their first goal in the first two minutes and quickly showed that if Fullerton wanted to win, they would have to start working harder. The Hornets trailed behind Grossmont just shy of a few points from leading for the entire first half.

Despite a slow first couple of minutes, the Hornets were finally looking strong during the first two quarters with an ending score of 3-4. Things were finally looking up from the team’s last two games and but they still needed to step their game up quite a bit more.

Trevor Birkbeck, two meter defense, knew that Hornets definitely did not bring their A-game against Grossmont.

“I feel like the reffing did not go our way but that doesn’t excuse our general lack of effort because we should have won that game,” he said. “It would have been a better competition if we had shown up but there’s a lack of team unity.”

The second half showed how determined Grossmont was to win when they managed to shoot five goals past the Hornets’ goalkeeper. Fullerton scored 3 more goals that totaled the third quarter 6-9. The Hornets were only shy a few points of being ahead finally.

Grossmont’s goalkeeper shut the Hornets out and only allowed one more goal from them for the entire fourth quarter. Their defense stayed strong over the Hornets the entire time. They went from nine to 13 goals very quickly and won.

Mark Sheffield, Assistant Coach, knew that the coaches could only say so much but the players were the ones who had to step up and get their heads into the game.

“It was a lack of effort from us. As for later’s game, it’s not up to us, it’s up to the players. They came in with low energy to start with and never picked it up. When we just stay focused, pick up our energy, and put in effort, we’re one of the best teams in the state but when we don’t play like that, we lose to teams we shouldn’t be losing to.”

The Hornets were hoping to have their winning streak back during their second game of the mini tournament against Citrus but did not have the drive to end it strong. Philip Walswick, UT player for the Hornets, said,

“Overall I think the team needs to come together more and play more as one. We just need to get our shots on cage and be able to put away and execute more.”

Citrus proved to have the upper hand against Fullerton. Just like the game against Grossmont, it went back and forth for the entire time. Only trailing by four points, the Hornets had finally gotten the drive they needed to execute and not trail as far behind but it was just not enough to win.

Jesse Luchansky, Assistant Coach, knows a lot of work and practice will have to happen before the next game.

“We just gotta stick to the game plan, and not get too emotionally involved. If they score and go on a run, we don’t want to try get in a shootout. We have to work on controlling the game in the second half. We’ll start out strong at first then find out we’re not as disciplined. In practice, we’re focused on trying to change the mindset. Not just starting hot, but finishing hot.”

The Hornets are headed to Santa Monica on the 24 and back at home against Riverside on the 29.

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