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Best Netflix picks for Halloween

It’s that time of year again to scour Netflix late at night or with friends for that perfect horror movie to satisfy Halloween withdrawals. Even when digging through the plethora of B-list horror movies, there are still some greats left that has timeless villains and dark twisted humor. There are still even a few obvious classics left that everyone has to see at least once a year.


Donnie Darko

Taking place in Oct. 1988, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a troubled teenager from a typical suburban neighborhood in Maryland. He has a history of schizophrenia and once he quits taking his medication, his life goes downhill from there. He meets a man in a bunny suit who tells him that right around Halloween, the world will end. On a journey to find out what is going on and full of menacing hallucinations, the whole thing really does seem like just a dream.



Satan’s Little Helper

Dougie is a little boy who is obsessed with a violent video game where he plays Satan’s little helper. When Dougie’s sister comes home to spend time with him for Halloween, she brings a guest to Dougie’s dismay. During the day of Halloween, Dougie sees a familiar masked figure that he recognizes as Satan from his video game. He naively befriends Satan and this masked mystery becomes the neighborhood’s worst nightmare.



Halloween: Resurrection

One of the scariest serial killers that is known in all horror movies, Michael Myers, seems to get his last laugh but is definitely not finished yet. During Halloween, a reality show is being shot at a number of suspected haunted houses. A group of teens have been chosen to spend a night at Michael Myers’ childhood home. Cameras are placed all over the house and not much is expected of the show, until Meyers comes home.



The Addams Family

Everyone’s favorite spooky family from the 60s is now in color. The Addams Family is back except now, they are on a hunt to find Gomez’s beloved brother, Fester. The family’s lawyer along with his wife, an intimidating psychiatrist and her son plan on conning the Addams out of their fortune by having the son pose as Gomez’s long lost brother. Plans quickly take a different route with antics full of blood, disturbing family parties and creepy creatures just in time for Halloween.



Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie is going to be on the top of everyone’s favorite Halloween movie list. Disney’s favorite pumpkin king takes his hand at trying to create his idea of a perfect Christmas for Halloween Land and it quickly gets out of hand. After celebrating Halloween the same way every year and accidentally landing in Christmas Land, Jack Skellington decides that he wanted to shake things up for the holidays and recruits the entire town to help make it the spookiest Christmas of all time.

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