The Night Owl coffee house

Hetty La

Bohemian vibes, free wifi, live local music and brewing into the wee hours of the morning. If you’re looking for a cozy spot to get some late night work done, this is it. Tucked snugly in the heart of Downtown Fullerton, The Night Owl is a Bohemian-style coffee house that, as the name implies, stays open until 3 a.m. for all you studious night owls.

Stepping into The Night Owl is like stepping into someone’s living room: an eclectic mix of comfy couches and upholstered chairs, dim amber lighting, local art featured on the walls and coffee tables supplied with books and magazines for your reading pleasure.

The cozy ambiance is ideal for those who want to get some studying done without the rigid atmosphere of a library or the cold monotony of standard coffee shops. Their snug couches are perfect for kicking back with a good book, whether it be for school or for pleasure. Small tables are also scattered throughout the shop and there’s a fantastic outdoor patio with lots of seating.

The Night Owl serves only organic, fair-trade coffee, all roasted locally. The house blend is on the sour side with notes of chocolate, pairing well with their popular hemp milk option. They also serve standard espresso favorites like cappuccinos and lattes, customizable with their extensive syrup choices like raspberry, pumpkin spice and Irish green. Tea lovers need not fret, they also offer a wide variety of teas both hot and iced, such as yerba mate, chai and jasmine green, to name a few. A customer favorite is the blueberry tea latte. The blueberry aroma is absolutely drool-inducing; the perfect blend of sweet, fruity and creamy.

Need something to munch on for that added sustenance during your study session? Coupled with their vast drink menu is an amazing assortment of baked goods and pastries, ranging from sweet-tooth-satisfying dulce de leche to bittersweet espresso danishes.

Aside from their very solid menu, what sets off The Night Owl from their competitors is the amazing customer service. The baristas are not only very knowledgeable with their craft, they are also extremely personable and will make you feel at home, staying true to the Owl’s “living-room” vibe.

On top of being an ideal study spot, The Night Owl actively encourages community engagement. On Tuesday nights, they host an open mic in which local musicians show off their skills. Wednesday nights are midnight movie nights on the patio and Sunday nights poetry nights.

If you’ve been seeking a cozy late-night study spot, The Night Owl might just be your new nest.