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San Francisco Giants bounce back for third time

On Wednesday night, the San Francisco giants made history once again. They beat the Kansas City Royals in Game 7 to win their third World Series title in five years.

This obviously is not an easy task to accomplish but with a team with many star players and a great postseason playing record, it was not too surprising. To many though, the Giants just got lucky this year.

The Giants’ regular season record did not look so promising and rival teams thought that they would not stand a chance. They only won 88 games, failed to win a division title, and barely scooted into the postseason with the second wild card from the National League.

Of course because of this, the Kansas City Royals were looking better than ever. They had a record of 11-4, which is a .733 winning percentage against some of the best teams out there. That still proved not to be enough to beat the bound and determined Giants.

The absurd thing to many people, is with that bad of a record this year, how did the Giants even manage to win the World Series again? Was it just luck or were people so awed by the Royals being in the finals that they never even thought that the Giants could have some secrets in their ball caps?

It was not luck at all. Giants pitcher, Madison Bumgarner helped out his team and ended up making history by having one of the best postseasons of all time. He threw 52 2/3 innings, more than any person ever had and even threw five scoreless innings in an elimination game. He was the key person to the Giants winning.

Not only did Bumgarner show how valuable of a player he really is but the rest of the team came ready to conquer also. Hunter Pence scored eight runs and went 12-for-27 with three walks. Tim Hudson, the Major League’s leader with 214 wins, also pitched well and waited 16 years for a ring. Pablo Sandoval even had three hits in one night during Game 7.

Even with star players and a hard working team, three wins in five years is a lot and they should be proud of it yet some people do not think so.

With fans calling the Giants’ record a dynasty, Bleacher Report thinks it should be called something different because apparently, their record is not too great compared to other sports. Basically, a “dynasty” is just a word that has been used to describe a team that has won a lot and should use it with pride.

“If the Giants are a dynasty, then were the Miami Heat with LeBron James a dynasty? The Heat won four straight Eastern Conference titles and two NBA championships during LeBron’s four years in South Beach,” Bleacher Report said.

The reporter that wrote that article and many others does not realize how hard it is to win a championship of any kind, especially with tens of thousands of fans counting on you. Even just winning once would make anyone feel like they were part of a dynasty. Even comparing the Giants to teams like the Red Sox and Yankees that have been winning back to back since who knows how long is unreasonable. This is the Giants’ time and they deserve to enjoy every minute of it.

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