Q&A with legendary performer Ziggy Marley

Anastacia Barbosa

Ziggy Marley, son of the legendary reggae legend Bob Marley proves that he’s a legend in his own right. Winner of six Grammy’s, a new album, tour and multiple projects, Ziggy is a busy man. He sat down for a phone interview prior to his Sunday night show at City National Grove in Anaheim.

Hornet: What was so memorable about recording this album?
: The album is very special and I just want to continue spreading the message of love and freedom. It was fun and it’s always a good time writing and recording an album.

Hornet: You’ve been touring almost all year, how has that been? Is your family on tour with you? How do you feel being on the road a lot?
: Touring is great. My family is not on tour with me but we communicate with Facetime and Skype and calls.

Hornet: Recently the music video for “Lighthouse” was released as well as an EP with the profits benefiting Heart of Los Angeles. What inspired you for the imagery of the music video, seeing as the song and the video have a very powerful message? Also how did you get involved with Heart of Los Angeles?
: The vision was really the director’s vision. The song is powerful, I wrote it thinking we have to be a lighthouse for the world and for Mother Earth. [On Heart of Los Angeles] I wanted a charity that really got kids involved and supported kids. It was a good one.

Hornet: “I Love You Too” is a very special project for you. What was the process like taking it from a song you came up with your child to the app, digital book, and children’s short it is now?
: I wrote it with my daughter actually. It was just a song that took a life of it’s own it was a project that just kept growing and growing.

Hornet: You have an organic food line out. What inspired you to make hemp and coconut oil your two staple ingredients and to make a GMO-Free food line? Any plans to expand to other food lines?
: There are no plans to expand right now, but I think it’s really important people are conscious of what they put in their bodies. The corporations that control the food are having us put bad things-poison-in our bodies and that’s not good, it’s not how our bodies are made. If we put good things in our bodies our bodies will love us back.

Hornet: Finally Marijuanaman…it’s a brilliant series. Many people hear the name and think it’s going to be a book filled with blunt and weed puns, but the truth is you’re telling a story on how marijuana, cannabis, or the the hemp plant, what ever you want to call it, has so many beneficial uses that can change our westernized world as we know it, are there any plans for another book and how do you feel about the plant its self and what it can do to change the world?

Ziggy: There are no plans for another book right now. But the plant is a very powerful plant. There are many uses and the big corporations turn a blind eye to this amazing plant that can do so much. It has healing power and it’s very resourceful. If only people could see just how amazing this plant is we could do so much more for the Earth.