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Big Hero 6 makes impact at theaters.

Adapted from a Marvel comic, “Big hero 6” is a wonderful film released just in time for the holidays. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, co-directors of Frozen, it’s the perfect balance between action and comedy.

Easily identified by the huggable character, Baymax, a personal healthcare companion. Resembling a large marshmallow with arms and legs, this vinyl balloon will make the audience laugh and cry. Being the first Disney animated film to be released since Frozen about a year ago, “Big Hero 6” is projected to be a successful and fun film for all ages.

Baymax is not the only character the audience gets to know during the journey that takes place in San Fransokyo. Just like the title of the movie, there are six other people that steal your heart in the 105 minute feature film.

Teenager Hiro Hamada and his five friends take you on a wild ride without lifting finger, unless it’s to eat popcorn of course. Hamada and Baymaz band together with GoGo Tomago, Wasabi No-Ginger, Honey Lemon and Fred to save their beloved city from danger, hence the title “Big Hero 6”.

Baymax is programmed to only help people so for him trying to stop someone from destroying a city is a little bump in the road for the heroes.

This movie is directed and animated extremely well. The Disney and Marvel cross over is definitely fun for the whole family. The animation alone makes it worth seeing in the theaters, along with getting to share the reactions of the audience.

“Big Hero 6” is sure to get viewers to laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside. This action packed animated film is perfect for a family fun day or a night out with friends. Everyone leaves the theater smiling and a little brighter after meeting Hamada and Baymax in the movie.

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