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Look up or look down?

Think about the way you are reading this article. Odds are, there are a percentage of you reading this on your smartphone, tablet or computer screen. Technology is without a doubt a powerful tool. Some will say it is used to pursue excellence in the world through quickly accessible connections to other people.

English media artist Gary Turk, argue that technology is consuming the lives of people, drawing them into a screen and taking away their real-world communication.

In a recent viral hit video on YouTube entitled, “Look Up”, Turk spoke through words of poetry to express his concerns for the internet community. Turk’s words spoke to those that are becoming withdrawn from human interaction via their technology devices. The irony of the situation is that the video instantly became a viral hit due to the amount of sharing and communication it got online.

It’s an interesting way to explain about the cons of technology through the internet. The amount of exposure the video received is justification in itself of the positive power of the internet. Here is someone who is fighting for a cause that is driven by their passionate beliefs, using one of the quickest and most accessible ways to spread the word would be through the Internet.

However, the video is merely presented in a single sided manner used to persuade the audience of its intentions; to demean the technological universe. The facts in support of displaying the benefits of technological advancements are disregarded completely.

Under no circumstances will there be a 100 percent agreement from everyone on any topic or subject matter and this video is no exception. The points made by Turk are both agreeable and arguable.

A large portion of the public, including children, are spending a great majority of their days online can be proven as factual.

However, a large portion of those online users are using their sources in a positive, productive way. Among the many benefits of the web-world, is communication with those that you would not be able to see or meet with in person.

For those that are in the workforce or perhaps starting out in the early stages of a career path, the internet can be an extremely useful tool in the assistance for those looking to network with others.

Part of the matter of making connections is networking with others who can provide those tools for further guidance. To say the media can only be consumed in a negative manner is far stretched from the actual truth.

Say for example, a young college student is starting in a new position for an internship during the course of their studies at a university. There is a limited time window of opportunity to pursue certain people with whom they can come into contact with. Certain contacts must be maintained and kept updated as a priority, which is a crucial key element to added success after graduation.

On the other hand, it can be said that working and any involvement online can lead to an internet addiction. An addiction of any kind is never a beneficial thing and can be quite degrading.

So the key element, or the main point of the message to recall, is remembering to set limits and drawing a personal line.

Involvement in media can be used quite productively but one can’t live forever vicariously online. It’s important to remember the roots of being human and knowing when to turn the power off.

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