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The gift giver’s guide to the holidays

As if the holidays were not stressful enough, buying gifts for people just adds the cherry on top. Whether there is just a picky loved one or a person who already has everything, everyone has been through the gift giving dilemma.

No matter if it is a significant other, parents, a friend or anyone in between, this season’s gift giving experience should not be a nightmare.

1. Gifts for Girlfriends


A kiss under the Mistletoe does not count as a gift anymore. If anyone with a girlfriend needs a gift on the double, Urban Outfitters is most likely the best stop to please her this year. They have a huge variety of things from cute clothes, funny books, new and old records, great beauty products and one of the most popular things: cameras. Their products range in prices but the cameras, especially the instant ones like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, are pretty affordable. What else could be a better gift than an almost nostalgic camera that lets someone actually hold a photo in their hands instead of looking at it on a screen?


2. Boyfriends


Clothes are always a tricky bet as gifts with people, especially if boyfriends have a completely different style. That is where stores like Brookstone can come in handy. They sell such a big variety of things from cool electronics to hip furniture. Any guy could use a portable keyboard for his phone or Tempur-Pedic slippers. Their prices also vary and some of their most unique items are just under $25. Remember: This store can also be used for any other people you need gifts for. They have anything and everything.


3. Best Friends and Siblings


With siblings and friends that are practically family, gifts can be a hit or miss. Their likes pretty much go without saying, so why not buy things that they actually need and could use but are still on the in demand this season. Just a few miles from Fullerton College, Fry’s Electronics has anything from computers to houseware. Whether anyone’s siblings love books, video games, anything to do with science, or car accessories, Fry’s makes it easy for all the gift givers with low prices.


4. Parents


Parents are always the one who will accept presents with bright smiles then put them in the back of their closets to never be seen again. Instead of buying stuff they will never wear or just a card, brighten up their home with some of the newest technology and accessories. Macy’s, Apple, and any other stores who specialize in finding the newest and hippest things in homeware are the places to go. Macy’s specializes in kitchenware and always have good deals on some of the best things around on the holidays. Apple has great innovative products like the Netmo Urban Weather Station or Belkin WeMo Switch but usually run on the high price side. Any parent would appreciate usual duties at home being made easier or more fun to tackle with new gear.



5. Gift Cards for Anyone

If worst comes to worst, there are always gift cards to lean on. Thankfully with the increase of gift cards being bought over the years, some improvements have been done to them to make them look fancier. There are also a giant variety of cards to buy to please anyone with the most unique of likes such as a certificate to a pet’s spa day to cards for buying almost anything made out of bullet shells.

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