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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Fullerton College dancers dazzle the stage

The talent of the dance department was showcased beautifully across the stage for the annual dance concert on Nov. 7 and 8. Beginners and alumnus wowed the audience with their performances displaying their commitments of hard work and dedication to the school.

“For the past decade our mission has been to produce concert dance that introduces and promotes the diverse talents of our students here at Fullerton College,” said Melanie Kay Rosa, Lisa M. Anderson and Sarah Cashmore, artistic directors.

This year’s concert consisted of various artistic pieces ranging from a circus inspired number entitled, “Freak Show” to more theatrical inspired numbers like, “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from the musical, “Hairspray.”

The concert preparation began in the summer and into the first day of classes. Each piece is presented and selected by the directors for the final concert. Generally there is no specific theme and the directors aim to have “creative diversity” in the show.

For this season’s dance concert, there were numerous creative minds and dancers that collaborated to bring the performances to life.

Jestoni Dagdag, Fullerton alumnus dancer, rehearses before Friday's performance for his solo number.

Photo credit: Jon Kim (special to the hornet)

“The whole department has that personal touch,” said Jestoni Dagdag, Fullerton College alumnus. “In a motherly way, you know that they really want us to succeed as artists.”

Dagdag was involved with the dance department during his three years at FC as a dance major. He is now finishing his degree at the University of California, Irvine to earn his BFA. Dagdag was featured in several pieces this year upon his return, including a self-choreographed solo number entitled, “Sonetto Rotto.”

There were many Fullerton College dance classes that had a chance to display their group masterpieces. This included dance repertory, jazz dance, dance production, dance ensemble and commercial dance. The dance numbers are collaborated between the group efforts of the class dancers and the professor choreographers.

“It is an honor to showcase the talents of our faculty choreographers who are an essential part of our dance department,” Rosa, Anderson and Cashmore said.

Students and dancers alike agree that the entire production is a group effort and consists of the talents of many of the faculty on staff.

“Our mentors keep us motivated,” said Tiara Smith, featured student dancer.

The dancers prepare backstage for their next number at Saturday evenings closing performance.

Photo credit: Sami Koski (special to the hornet)

In addition, the dance department continues to bring in prominent dance professionals to teach master classes and the department, biannually, hosts the Fullerton College Dance Day. This program gives local high school students an opportunity to take master classes with the faculty and enjoy a discounted matinee of the concert.

The dance department appears to be thriving and breathing strong. The students are taking this department to remarkable places. Students and faculty come and go but the Hornets are represented strongly by the talents of its people and will continue to do so for years to come.

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