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NHL Ready To Drop The Puck On Second Season

Originally written for publishing on April 30, 2013.

The NHL regular season has come to an end, and the playoffs are set to begin. Over the past few years, the NHL playoffs have been one of the most entertaining times of the year for any sport.

With a shortened season this year, some teams, such as the defending champion Kings, are just starting to hit their groove. The Kings will face off against the St. Louis Blues in the first round. The Blues are a team that the Kings swept out of the playoffs last year. Neither team has changed much, so the Kings should take the series in five games.

The Chicago Blackhawks, who were the number one team in the regular season, will face off against the eighth seeded Minnesota Wild. The Wild completely rebuilt in the offseason and added some absolute stars. They have proven to be coming into their own, but will fall short to Chicago in seven games.

The Ducks had a surprising season, and will take on the Detroit Red Wings in the first. The Red Wings are a team built for the playoffs, but the Ducks have too much star power, and will take it in five games.

The remaining series in the West puts the three seed Vancouver Canucks against the six seed San Jose Sharks. The Canucks are just starting to get hot and have tremendous star power. This should be a sweep for Vancouver.

In the East the series should be a little more decisive. The Penguins are by far the best team in the East, as shown by their top seed, and they should have no problem sweeping the New York Islanders.

The Montreal Canadiens took the two seed, and should also sweep their first round series against the Ottawa Senators.

The New York Rangers had high expectations coming into the year and have not lived up to them. However, they have too much star power, and should pull an upset over the Washington Capitals in five games.

The four seed Boston Bruins will take on the five seed Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto is just not a playoff team, and should lose in six.

In the West, the top seeded Blackhawks will face off with the five seed Kings in the second round. After a rough, seven-game series in the first, the Blackhawks will be gassed, and the Kings relentless pressure will take the series in six.

The Ducks have had a great season, but are not a very experienced team in big games. The Canucks should win a hard-fought series in seven games.

In the East, the Penguins will take on the Rangers. The Penguins are just way too good, and should win in five games.

Montreal is another team that lacks experience. The Bruins do not, and should take this one in six.

Now comes the conference finals. The Kings’ frantic pace, and hard-hitting style is made for the playoffs, and Vancouver can be rattled. The Kings should wear them down, and take it in five.

The Penguins will have to face off with a physical team, the Bruins, out East. The Bruins will prove to be their biggest challenge yet, but the Penguins will take it in six games.

In the Stanley Cup Finals, the defending champion Kings will face off with the powerhouse Penguins. The Pens are expecting Sidney Crosby back, to join a team that was already a powerhouse before adding Jerome Iginla at the deadline.

The Kings have the leading goal scorer in the West, Jeff Carter, and their star goalie, Jonathan Quick, is finally coming into his own.

This series should be an instant classic, with the Penguins raising the Stanley Cup after a seven game series.

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