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FC Electronic music concert review

If you were feeling a case of the Monday blues, Sound Clouds, a performance presented by the Fullerton College Music Department would have been the perfect escape at the end of a tiring day.

Students from the electronic music ensemble played a mix of electronic music genres using guitars, drums, keyboards and an MPC audio sampler.

The night started off with an original titled, “Wanting to Bop” by student Zachary Lear that set a lively atmosphere in the theater.

Carlos Parada’s vocals complimented self-written, “Blue” that was a more gentle and mellow track.

Director Jim Simmons quickly changed the mood when he introduced the next number on the set list. The theme song of 90s video games “Shadow Gate” and “Vampire Killer” brought on feelings of nostalgia, complete with visuals from the games that showed glitches to match the beat.

“Oceans” was a cover of a recent Coldplay song and Parada once again lent his vocals to this soothing piece.

Paired with visuals of a calming ocean, the students took the audience on a trip to see some beautiful scenery and leave their troubles behind.

After seeing the beauty of nature, the audience was transported to the bustling city of Chicago that had another student original as its soundtrack. Written together by the six students, the piece was titled “1121” after the number of the classroom that they practiced in according to Simmons.

The group also covered a tune by Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out.

“Feel It All Around” might sound familiar as it was the theme song for TV series “Portlandia” but the students of the electronic music ensemble took the chillwave track and put some energy into their rendition of it.

Audience members were treated to a tune titled “You Asked” written by Simmons. The song was the perfect transition from the previous calm piece as it got more upbeat and lifted the mood of the theater for the final number.

To end the night, the ensemble played “Rainbow Road,” a tune that anyone who has played Mario Kart might be familiar with, as it has stuck with the game from the past century to current generations.

During the course of an hour, students from the electronic music ensemble exposed their audience to various genres of electronic music from calm and mellow tunes to the upbeat video game soundtracks mixed with glitch samples.

Sitting in the theater and letting the electronic music ensemble decide where the journey went was quite the evening, traveling from oceans to Chicago all the while learning about new music genres.

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