BuzzWorthy: Ferguson Protesting

Stephanie Lara

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The Grand Jury’s decision in inditing Darren Wilson last week has sparked up controversies and protests all over the United States. We asked students what they thought about the protesting that has been going on.

Shakayla Gibson.JPG
Shakayla Gibson, Business Marketing major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I think the protesting is good, but I think that at the end of the day, the racism in America is real.”

Shakayla Gibson, Business Marketing


Ryan Lonsk.JPG
Ryan Lonsk, Psychology major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“When it’s a problem that is more specific to minorities, the only way to get this stuff noticed is by having mass demonstrations across the country.”

Ryan Lonsk, Psychology


Rose Saludo.JPG
Rose Saludo, Biology major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

I think they’re effective. At least in getting people to pay attention to it.

Rose Saludo, Biology