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Black Friday shopping or family bonding?

Point by: Angela Presentadi

The once fun times of camping out over night to make sure that you were able to get the best deal when stores opened early on Black Friday are a thing of the past.

The popularity has grown over the last few years and it seems like the value of family time is not worth much now. With the rising demand for stores to open for people to shop, celebrating Thanksgiving as a family is becoming harder to do.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and reflect on the year that has past. Sometimes this is the only time for loved ones to see each and get the family together, especially when they do not live locally.

Stores need to take in consideration the value that this holiday has for their employees. Every year it seems like stores are battling with one another as to who can open the earliest to attract the most customers.

Some stores opened as early as 5 p.m. this year. Many employees are going to have to skip their holiday meal to make sure that they are at work on time.

If retailers held off opening their doors till at least midnight, not only would the demand to shop still be there, but they would have employees that were so much more grateful that they able to celebrate a time of being thankful with their family and loved ones.

Counterpoint: Kim Cisneros

With stores opening up early on Thanksgiving instead of midnight or later on Black Friday there are less people shopping till the early hours of the morning.

Some people are willing to have earlier Thanksgiving dinners with their family to be able to go out and shop at 5 p.m. to get better deals and be in bed at a reasonable time that night.

Some people have work early the next day so the early hour deals work in their favor.

Another good thing about Black Friday deals starting early is that it makes it possible for more family to join in on the shopping experience. This can potentially be a good bonding experience while getting some early Christmas shopping done for the other family members that are home with in a turkey coma.

Even though there are still some people that are camping out more than two weeks before thanksgiving anticipating the door buster deals, there has been a recent decline in campers waiting outside stores. Which in reality is safer for shoppers.

The early kick off to this yearly shopping experience might cause a decline in people trampling into stores to claim their big screen TVs and cheap gaming systems.

Maybe the early start to Black Friday will make things a lot less chaotic for everyone involved.

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