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Buzz Worthy – Safety and Health Alerts


With consistent safety and health alerts going out weekly to students, Hornet reporters went out and asked students why they think these notifications are important.

Arsalan Lakhany.JPG
Arsalan Lakhany, Business major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“Safety is important, so I think it’s really good for the students, especially girls, to be informed.”

Arsalan Lakhany

Business major


Yesenia Salazar.JPG
Yesenia Salazar, Business Administration major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I think it’s good that they give us those emails just so that we know what’s going on around campus.”

Yesenia Salazar

Business Administration major


Jesus Carrillo.JPG
Jesus Carrillo, Education major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“If the school didn’t let me know, there’s probably not a good chance that I’ll find out about the issues that happen on campus.”

Jesus Carrillo

Education major


Kelli Bump.JPG
Kelli Bump, Communications major

“It makes me aware that all kinds of things happen and sometimes you get in your own little bubble and don’t realize what stuff happens around you.”

Kelli Bump

Communications major

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