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Superbowl ad attempts to teach a lesson

What is it that makes someone attractive? Is it that gorgeous smile? Those enchanting eyes? By just a glance at their photo, are they worth “swiping right” for? But wait. What’s that they’re holding in their hand? A cigarette? Does that mean an immediate left swipe?

Many may be familiar with the popular smart phone app Tinder, which is geared towards young adults.

It gives users a quick way to meet others that may be a “match.” All they need to do is swipe right to like, left to pass and if they both like each other, they are given a chance to chat.

It seems so easy to find someone that is physically attractive to you with a user-friendly app that is free to download on any app store. All you need to do is sign in with your Facebook account, add some photos of yourself and start swiping to see if you get matches.

However, a campaign known as truth, showcased a commercial during the Superbowl featuring a Tinder-like app and an entire song and dance number performed by a few popular Youtubers like Fifth Harmony and Becky G about “swiping left” if the person had a cigarette in hand.

At the beginning of the video they talk about what qualities a person seems to have that would be worth “swiping right” for such as: “This man has shaved his chest hair into a heart… You stole mine! Right swipe it!”

Once the official number is about to start, that’s when things get real. Two of the women notice that in the photo of a hot guy holding a kitten, which many girls seem to fall for, he’s also holding a cigarette in the other hand.

“Left swipe,” said both women in unison.

The concept behind the video was that shaming a smoker would help them learn the truth about what others think and in turn, it would help them break the habit.

Frankly, most smokers just don’t care what others truly think about them smoking—especially, if they’re okay posting a photo about it.

There are so many media ads portraying smoking as cool, while others make it seem as if your life is forever chained to the power of a cigarette. Honestly, rather than shaming someone, being real and honest about it would work best, but only if they’re willing to listen.

Years ago there was a commercial about people who did harder drugs and it featured a person who broke an egg into a frying pan saying, “This is your brain on crack.”

The response was not great. It made people see the message more as a joke than anything. So, a few years later that same campaign ended up fighting back with scarier and realistic commercials about people with open sores on their body due to drug use.

Shaming a smoker will not get them to change their mind about their addiction. Only they can make that decision and lifestyle change. If others think it’s an unattractive quality, why would the smoker want to be with that person anyway? Because it’s what’s inside a person that matters, right?

So, if you want to swipe left…swipe left!

You can check out the truth video of #LeftSwipeDat here.

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