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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Zombee Donuts rises from the construction dead

Located on the corner of Yale and Chapman Avenues, this scary-cute breakfast bakery is ready to bring some life to the dead mornings of college students and Fullerton residents around.

The warm and inviting smell of sugar and fried dough entices any passers-by of Zombee Donuts, a mother and daughter run bakery that opened this month. With a clever name, a cute sign and hot location mere steps from Fullerton College, Zombee is sure to be a favorite of both students and residents.

Inside the converted house, there’s a clean open floor feel. Two tones of gray cover the walls with accents of white and bright pink to match the logo. Stainless steel equipment and a visible prep area behind the counter are refreshing to the eye. No hidden secrets here, just some good baking.

Eyeball Donut at Zombee Bakery
$2.00 a donut but well worth the price! Photo credit: Anastacia Barbosa

Walking in at 6 a.m., one is bound to smell as well as see the delectably devilish treats being made, with some ready in the display case. Everyday favorites such as sprinkled, old fashioned, glazed doughnut holes and regular glazed are ready for purchase either in shop or in a bag to go. To truly appreciate the theme of the nook, try some of these fan favorites:

  • The Monster: a raised dough doughnut with a Monster Energy Drink infused icing and decorated with a cute zombie face on the top.
  • The Eyeball: a red velvet and vanilla cake doughnut covered in red and white frosting with a chocolate covered doughnut hole in the center.
  • Rabies Babies: cream filled doughnut puffs.
  • Coffin Eclairs: the name speaks for itself.
  • The Walker: a zombie shaped doughnut is filled with a gourmet jelly in the head and abdomen region, so when one bites in it’s reminiscent of well, brains and guts. How zombie-rific!
The Monster Donut and Coffee from Zombee Donut
The monster donut, with monster energy drink infused frosting, and a coffee are the perfectly energizing and quick breakfast for any college student. Photo credit: Anastacia Barbosa

Work is still being done at the freshly open bakery. The owners are looking for an artist to paint a “World War Z” type of mural on a wall and would prefer a student ready to work with their vision and contribute to this new wonderful addition to the community. In the next few months look forward to a customizable cupcake option.

Run, don’t zombie walk, to this life filled creative bakery.

In the first three days of being open, Zombie Donuts have sold out by noon and don’t expect the craze to die down anytime soon.

Price Range: $

Address: 802 E Chapman Ave., Fullerton

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