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Bringing the sand to Fullerton

Women’s Sand Volleyball has been discussed for years. After being a club for three years at Fullerton College, it is finally the 24th approved sport of the California Community College Athletic Association.

With help from Title IX, and support from the division dean and president, the Fullerton College Sand Volleyball team can’t wait to embrace the competition this spring 2015.

The concept of indoor volleyball and sand volleyball is similar. However, it is the coaching that changes the game.

Being an athlete centered sport, coaches may not interfere or yell instructions during playing time. Timeouts are called by players. There are no subs; each player is expected to be well-rounded and master every position. There are no officials, with exception to championships, so players also have to make their own calls. These rules challenge their responsibility, etiquette and leadership skills.

Sand and indoor volleyball coach Eddie Rapp believes that based off his method of coaching, and the fact that his best players already have experience in sand volleyball, his team is already prepared. There are only five new faces on the team, with the rest coming from the pre existing indoor volleyball team.

Rapp says that it may be difficult for some coaches to transition into this different method of coaching, but he has always taught his girls to practice the mindset of how to think and not what to think. This allows them to be held accountable for their own actions and decisions during a game.

Rapp’s office just goes to show how prepared and aware of a coach he is. He has goals written down all over the place.

“My main goal for this season is not necessarily the outcome goal, but I want them to learn how to enjoy competing and learn to embrace the spirit of competition,” Rapp said.

One value that Rapp really influences upon his team is effort. Written across the white board in his office it says “effort based practices.”

“As long as you are putting forth your best effort, it goes a long way. It is easy to feel enabled and think that we should have attained something,” Rapp said. “This goes for practices and games but also academics.”

Student Sarah Freihoff, 22, says she didn’t know that it was an approved sport this year.

“I hope that it does well because it has always been a sport I enjoy watching on TV, however I am not sure since most of the students may not know the team exists on campus just yet,” Freihoff said.

When student Donovan Perry, 20, heard that there is a new women’s sports team, he said that he thinks it’s great that there is another competitive physical activity at the school. Donovan didn’t know that there was a difference between Indoor and Sand Volleyball, aside from the ground they play on. After learning that the girls get to coach themselves and make their own calls, he was surprised.

“I like the idea,” Perry said, who grew up as an athlete. “Seeing how we, the athletes spend so much time working on our own craft, I don’t find it right for anyone else to interfere. So in my opinion it’s beneficial and it’s a game of honor.”

The women’s sand volleyball team will begin their season on March 2 against Golden West. For more information and schedules go to

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