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Six ways to beat that mid-semester laziness

For many students, starting off the semester is easy. But as the time rolls on, students become more relaxed and tend to lose focus; don’t let this happen to you. There are ways to maintain productivity and keep good academic habits. Here are some ways to stay productive:

1. Create a to-do list.

Lists are a great way to organize your daily activities and assignments. If you don’t keep lists, it is recommended that you create one and keep updating as new assignments and activities come up. Sharpening your list daily is one way to stay organized and on time for deadlines.

2. Use a calendar system.

Remembering all that you need to do in your head is a near impossible task. Keeping track of your to-dos, assignments and daily life using a calendar system is a sure fire way to stay on track.


3. Timing.

Identify the times you are most productive and set aside some tasks for this time. This will help you to complete those tasks that need to be finished on time.

4. Focus.

Focus on one task at a time. Distractions and multitasking eats up a lot of your focus. Consistently completing and crossing off tasks is both encouraging and satisfying. Maintaining focus on one task at a time will also help you complete your tasks faster.

5. Eliminate the temptation to waste time.

Wasting time is the surest way to becoming unproductive. As students, we find ourselves wasting endless hours on social media sites and playing online games. Don’t give in to temptation. Restrict your access to these sites to stay focused. Use LeechBlock for Firefox, StayFocusd for Chrome and WasteNoTime for Safari to limit browsing time-wasters to the times needed for studying.

6. Limit excessive partying.

One way to lose yourself as a college student is partying. Finding time to enjoy yourself is something we all must find time to do. Moderation is key. Staying up binge drinking until 3 a.m. when you have an exam or mid-term to study for is a recipe for failure. If partying is your thing, leave it for spring break or between semesters.

Instead, make things enjoyable by rewarding yourself with occasional breaks. Listen to music you enjoy. Find a study buddy. Remain committed to healthy living habits. Set reasonable, reachable goals. Stay focused.

These are the keys to success. Good luck, Hornets!




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