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Put down your phone and look up

When most of us think of social media we think of our friends, family, jobs, connections, news, and so on. Social media consumes so much of our lives that we automatically ingrain the act of checking apps and websites into our daily routines.

There are many benefits to social media that are sometimes overlooked because of the negativity that is often associated with it.

Many people have successfully gone into business with the help of all types of social media. It helps promote oneself and one’s business to a community of attracted followers.

Networking is a huge benefit to social media as well because it makes it so easy to meet other people and create personal and professional connections.

Many people can vouch for the pro side of social media but there are just as many people, if not more, that would present a strong argument against it.

One of the main reasons why social media is such a big part of our lives is because today’s society lives in a very technological world. We are overwhelmingly surrounded by technology in a way that forces us to use it, even if we didn’t want to.

For example, say the student bookstore was offering 20 percent off textbooks but in order to get the coupon, you had to either like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. This leaves the student in a dilemma because he/she would have to choose if saving 20 percent is worth stepping into the spellbinding world of social media.

Ultimately, saving $20 off a $100 textbook is always worth the free act of simply clicking a button… but that’s where it all begins.

Social media has such a big influence on today’s society that it seems to be causing people to be more self-conscious.

This addiction to social media is so serious that it begins to hinder genuine relationships that once had more importance. The value of authenticity seems to be going down because relationships are expected to thrive through technology.

Social media has a great potential to add more unwanted drama. Petty fights and stories of arguments over something that was seen on these social sites happen more often than ever.

Some people can’t even have a nice meal out together without the other person checking Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. When did social media start consuming lives so much that it became habitual? It has poisoned minds to think that life is insignificant if we aren’t constantly keeping tabs on everyone else’s lives.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step away from social media. Here are some suggestions for a social media detox:

1. Think of ways your happiness can improve without checking social media. Start out by thinking of exactly what makes you happy vs. the things that cause you pain. If learning how to surf is something that makes you happy, then instead of checking social media you can read books on surfing and tides or even take a trip to the beach.

2. Ask yourself what is most important to you. For example, spending time with friends, reading the summer book series you never finished, reorganizing, etc. Quality time with friends and family becomes more scarce the older you get because people inevitably get busier, so it’s good to take advantage of it.

3. Focus on personal goals. If graduating school is a personal goal, cutting out social media can increase your study time, which in turn, can help you achieve better grades.

4. Make commitments and stick to them. Exercising has nothing but beneficial effects, so try committing to something that can help your overall well being. Exercising also gives you endorphins, which are hormones proven to make you happier.

5. Find a passion and devote energy toward it. Learning how to play the guitar because your passion is music is something you can devote your time and energy toward. If cooking is your passion, think of creative ways to cook new recipes.

The key is to find balance. Try to gain more self-awareness and understanding of what you want, and what benefits social media has or doesn’t have for you.

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