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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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O.C. restaurant week features modern Mexican cuisine

Birch Street located in Brea has always been a popular spot to visit because of the many restaurants and shops surrounding the area. Although the businesses seem to constantly change, Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen has managed to stick around for awhile.

Birch Street entrance to Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Successfully going on its sixth year since they opened, this place is widely known for their award winning happy hour, margaritas and adaptations of modern style Latin cuisine.

O.C. Restaurant Week has given consumers the opportunity to try multiple different prix fixe or fixed price menus and Cha Cha’s offerings definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Located on a corner across from the movie theater, it’s hard to miss their large, yellow entrance canopy that protrudes onto the sidewalk. When you walk in, you immediately notice the cocktail area that includes a bar full of various types tequila. The open kitchen provides a more intimate experience for customers because they get to witness savory dishes being prepared in the wood-fired oven.

Tortilla chips and fire-roasted salsa Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Cha Cha’s Restaurant Week menu has a variety of entrees that can please anyone who likes Mexican food. The lunch and dinner menu vary, but for five dollars more, dinner includes an extra option for appetizers, a few more entree options and the option to choose a dessert. Both lunch and dinner include unlimited tortilla chips with their flavorful fire roasted salsa.

Traditional Tortilla Soup Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres
Caesar Salad Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Their delicious take on a Caesar salad is made with a cilantro-pepita dressing tossed with romaine lettuce and topped with crisp tortilla and Cotija cheese. Their tortilla soup is made with a roasted tomato and chile broth served with crema fresca and crispy tortillas. The fresh chicken that hides beneath the opaque surface of simmered goodness really adds to the dish.

Crab and shrimp enchiladas are one the featured dishes. Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres
‘Wood-Oven’ Carnitas Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

You might find yourself in a slight dilemma when choosing an entree, but their crab & shrimp enchiladas are something that everyone needs in their life. The crab and shrimp are sauteed in garlic and white wine, but the best part and what really makes the dish good is the creamy habanero pesto sauce that is coated on top. The side of rice and black beans also compliment the enchiladas well.

The wood-oven carnitas is a pleasing alternative if you’re allergic or just not feeling the seafood enchiladas. Its sweet and savory combination of flavors becomes, unsurprisingly, addicting for a Mexican pork dish.

Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen provides an inviting dining experience for couples, families, friends and groups of all types. Their Restaurant Week menu allows a limited taste of what they usually offer but this place is definitely one that will have you coming back for more.

Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen is located at 110 W. Birch Street in Brea.

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