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Film festival brings the country of love to Fullerton

The sixth annual Fullerton College French Film festival was held over the course of three days during the last week in February, with more than 300 hundred people attending the first night.

French professor Violette Vornicel-Guthmann was recognized by the French committee, before screening the first film “Nuit Blanche,” for her years of dedication and support of the festival. Her dedication was the driving force that helped mold the French Film festival into what it is today.

“In the future we will like [the festival] to go international,” Vornicel-Guthmann said.


People came from neighboring cities to attend, some as far as Temecula and Los Angeles. Even the French Club from Cal State Fullerton attended on the first night.

On the last day of the festival, more than 500 people showed up at the Wilshire Auditorium for a screening of French classic, “Amelie.”

The applause from the audience, as the end credits rolled, proved that this year’s festival was a success. This was not a small task. The event takes a lot of planning and careful thinking, because at the end of the day the movies that are chosen have to accommodate everyone.

Many hours of work are put in by the French Committee to make the festival come alive. They have already begun the careful selection process for next year’s film.

“To choose these, we watch countless films, countless genres,” said Rugh Egigian, a member of the French committee.

The goal of the committee is to provide a venue for students to step out of their comfort zone and learn about other cultures through the films. Not only has the committee reached Fullerton College students, they are also enriching the community as a whole.

This festival gives students a venue to experience another culture through the films and view life in a new light.

Catering to people from all walks of life, the committee has to be mindful of the diverse population when going through the film selection process. The French Film Festival brought in audience members from outside of the Fullerton community and included all ages, proving that the committee’s hard work has paid off.

“One of our goals is to be lifelong learners, this is part of it,” Egigian said.

For the sixth year in a row, the French Film Festival has encouraged students to take a look at the world through a different lens. The festival is unique to Fullerton College and has drawn in visitors, fulfilling one of the committee’s goals of connecting people. With a great turnout this year, expect the French Film Festival to put on an even better show next year.

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