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DTF is now serving a slice of Pie Dog

Another restaurant was officially added to Fullerton this month. What sets them apart from any other place is their commitment to delivering quality ground steak burgers and sausages.

Owner Donny Gaudiano opened this new concept on March 6 in the Downtown Fullerton area and stands by their motto: “THE PERFECT PLACE FOR IMPERFECT PEOPLE.”

Interior of Pie Dog Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Pie Dog is a full-service restaurant decorated with industrial style wooden communal tables and serves fresh ground burgers and hot dogs. The restaurant has a list of 24 craft beers, including some from local breweries, on tap for customers to enjoy while even watching a show on the few flat screen TV’s they have around the restaurant.

Amongst the variety of burgers and hot dogs Pie Dog offers, the “Blazing Saddle” seemed to be the crowd-pleaser.

The Blazing Saddle burger Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

The burger consists of a quarter pound patty, feta cheese, 3 Amigo’s pepper puree and G$sauce (premium toppings and sauce), lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Be sure to add the fried egg on top simply because everything is always better with a fried egg. It came out neatly crafted with each layer easily visible from a profile view. When the patty glistens with juice, you know it’s going to be a tasty burger.

Taking the first bite, the juicy meat grease; the heavenly spicy and garlicky sauces; and the over-medium cooked yolk of the egg start oozing out from every which way … and there is no stopping it. The best burgers are always the messiest!


Usually a good burger can compensate for bad fries, but when the fries are just as delicious it can really complete a whole meal. These fries complimented the meal nicely. Pie Dog also offers onion rings and tater tots on its list of “Side Pieces” along with a list of over seven unique sauces to enjoy.

Pie Dog's bar with 24 craft beers on tap Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

For those considering dining at Pie Dog be sure to ask about the “Starving Student” special and “Beer O’clock”, but when one steps into the doors be sure to abide by their three simple rules:

  1. Get loose or get lost
  2. No egos
  3. See rules 1 & 2

Pie Dog is located at 229 E. Commonwealth Ave., Suite A.

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