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FC student detained on high school campus

A visibly disturbed Fullerton College student was detained after a struggle with Fullerton Campus Safety. After an hour and a half long standoff he was arrested by Fullerton Police after he ran into the Fullerton High School Library shouting obscenities.

The altercation started approximately at 1 p.m. on Tuesday March 10 when the student was seen speaking loudly under the bridge that crosses Chapman Avenue.

After hitting various signs with Perrler and Martinelli’s bottles, the student made his way into the cafeteria where he continued to use obscene language and talk about vulgar acts with women.

When Fullerton College Student Sal Zaidi turned his head in shock, the disturbed student pulled out a bottle and threatened to hit Zaidi. After leaving the situation Zaidi called campus safety.

“Campus safety was there almost instantly,” Zaidi remarked.

As campus safety arrived the student, exited the cafeteria heading east on the campus.

He was finally apprehended and escorted off campus near the campus safety building, but the student did not leave. He continued to scream obscenities at the officers from the middle of the street.

At one point the student removed his shirt and hiked up his boxers, screaming “Come over here and push me! Push me! (obscenity) now what?!”

That is when campus safety moved to apprehend the man, but he ran North on Lemon. As campus safety closed in he crossed to the median then switched direction and headed South.

Up until this time campus safety officers had been monitoring the man’s movements, but when he crossed Lemon and entered Fullerton Union High School they quickly changed to an active engagement in order to detain.

When asked what the determining factor in deciding to detain the man was, Sergeant Jim McKamy Stated, “Any decision we made had to be based on public safety and officer safety.”

The man entered the high school library where students were startled as campus safety officers quickly cornered the man and brought him to the ground.

The man went on to accuse campus security of being angry and trying to steal from him.

“You took my backpack, to steal my math book, to sell it on eBay to make your N-word money at 50 bucks, to by your crack,” he said.

Moments later Fullerton Police Department was on the scene and the man was in handcuffs and escorted out of the library and off campus.

The Student was taken to Fullerton Police Department for questioning.

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