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“Get Hard” barely gets the funny

Will Ferrell plays James King, a wealthy businessman who is convicted of fraud and sentenced to prison time. He finds himself in desperate need of tips on how to survive in the violence and rape-riddled maximum security prison, San Quentin.

King goes to the first person he can think of, his black car washer, Darnell Lewis, played by Kevin Hart. King is sure Lewis is a professional when it comes to prison “hardness” because of his race. In reality though, Lewis is a lower middle class family man trying to support his family and make ends meet. When King offers Lewis $30,000 in exchange for his “services,” prison boot camp is in session.

Supporting actress Alison Brie (“Community” and “Mad Men”) plays the believable rich, yet ungrateful fiancé to King’s character.

Hip-hop and rap artist T.I. shows off his acting chops as Lewis’ cousin and ex-convict.

Ferrell and Hart match each other’s comedic timings and provide for enough awkward racist jokes and no shortage of prison violence jokes.

King and Lewis find themselves in a myriad of ridiculous scenarios, which at times comes across as a stretch, but the audience finds themselves laughing more often than rolling their eyes at the ridiculousness of it all.

Despite the onslaught of unoriginal jokes, “Get Hard” still manages to keep the audience in their seats. The film works because of Ferrell and Hart. The duo have enough chemistry as a comedic pair to pull off a lot of the insensitive jokes the film throws at the audience and keeps them laughing.

Go into this movie expecting to laugh, even if at times you might not want to.

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