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Marvel Universe Live Review


Marvel Cast
The super-hero cast of Marvel Universe Live.

Many of Marvel’s greatest super-heroes came to the Honda Center in Anaheim. Merkel Universe Live opened its weekend run March 26 to a packed arena.

The story revolves around the powerful cosmic cube that was destroyed and scattered throughout the world by Thor in order to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. But, Loki has captured X-Men Storm and Cyclops and teamed up with Hydra, Green Goblin, and other villains to bring the pieces of the cube back together and rule the planet.

This live event was made to appeal to children. The older die-hard Marvel Fans may not get a big kick from this show. In fact, the die-hard Marvel fans will most likely be very disappointed with this show, especially at the end.

Nearly all the stunt choreography is repeated many times throughout the show and at the beginning of the second act, you are aware that nothing new is is going to happen.

The flying stunts were very slow and do not live up to what you would expect from a Marvel Show. Even Spider-Man himself had some very cheesy swinging moments. Spider-Man’s acting and spasm-like movements during his dialogues would make William Shatner cringe. You can find more impressive stunts from children playing on the monkey bars during recess than what you’ll find in this show.

There were some motorcycle action going on as well… emphasis on “some”. A scene in the second act revolves around Captain America and Wolverine riding their motorcycles through the mountains. That turned out to be ten minutes of the same stunts happening over and over and over. They rode around the stage in circles jumping form the ramps, went around the stage again and did the same thing over again only to end with an amusing backflip form Wolverine.

Of course, the show was a big set up for the grand finale where all the super heroes and villains get together for the final showdown. So much fighting is going on, it’s hard to tell what is really happening. Storm and Cyclops are finally freed and that’s it. They don’t even get to use their super powers; no lightning strike from Storm, no optic-blast from Cyclops. Not to mention that the show keeps you waiting until the very end for Bruce Banner to finally lose his temper and transforms into The Incredible Hulk, who then saves the day by capturing Loki.

The merchandise being hawked at every corner of the hallways and aisles was a joke. Many of these toys and balloons looked like cheap knock-offs you can find for two bucks while waiting in line to cross the border to enter the U.S. from Mexico. To add insult to injury, the material most of the toys were made of was really cheap ($12 for a spinning Spider-Man?). A child had already broken his spinning hero toy by intermission.

For kids, this show is a hit. Parents, be ready and make sure you fully charge those phones. You are going to need something to kill the time. Hardcore Marvel Fans, stay away. You will be extremely disappointed. Save your money – stay at home, order take out and watch Avengers.

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