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Concert Review: Jessie Ware wows the crowd at the Wiltern

London pop singer, Jessie Ware stopped by the renowned Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles during her “Tough Love” tour, performing eclectic love songs that she is known for by her fans.

Jessie Ware at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Located in LA’s Koreatown, the Wiltern Theater is known for its art deco design containing plaster and tile work throughout the venue. People can enjoy a show on the general admission floor or opt for a seat in the upper mezzanine and lodge sections, but many enjoy this classic theater simply for its aesthetic appeal.

Le Youth, an American electronic DJ and producer whose style provides a dance party of old school R&B music mixed with ’90s house, opened the show trying to excite everyone with a few of his popular remixes.

Jessie Ware at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

He was an interesting fit for a crowd full of Ware fans because only about a third of the theater was up dancing while the rest didn’t seem to know how they felt about him yet.

At a point during his set he even playfully asked if “Los Angeles” was still up and implied that he knew the attendees had more than they were giving.

Maybe it was the fact that the crowd was anticipating Ware so much that an opening act was more of nuisance than anything.

After what felt like an hour but was probably closer to twenty minutes, the lights dimmed and the crowd enthusiastically cheered as Ware entered the stage.

She began the show with “Champagne Kisses” from her second album “Tough Love,” which the crowd responded excitedly to the hopeful beat.

Jessie Ware at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

What was easily the highlight of the show was when Ware brought out her surprise guest R&B singer Miguel, who accompanied her on their song “Kind Of, Sometimes, Maybe.”

One couldn’t miss hearing the crowd’s apparent astonishment when he came onto the stage, thus making it truly a surprising treat.

She doesn’t mention until the end that she was feeling under the weather, but fans that follow her on social media would have already known that.

Although she sounded more raspy than usual, it was hard to notice because she and the live band changed the harmonies to make it work for her, as professionals should.

Ware ended the show with her popular hit “Say You Love Me” also from “Tough Love” that was co-written with Ed Sheeran.

The song’s needy and desperate yet demanding tone was the cherry on top of a beautiful performance.

Her alluring personality and British wit is really the best combination with the type of pop music she produces. It’s hard not to swoon over a woman who absorbs attention with her whimsical and heartfelt emotion. The rawness in both her music and personality is what her fans connect with because one wouldn’t sing every word of every song if they didn’t feel some kind of connection to it and the artist.

Jessie Ware at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles Photo credit: Jayna Gavieres

Ware’s music sends you on an adventurous and messy celebration of love that quickly becomes an emotional but comforting journey and her fans embrace every single part of it.

An artist doesn’t need to sell out a venue to prove anything or to make a statement and Ware is the perfect example why.

The energy of the crowd was unmistakable from beginning to end and if she continues to produce music like her two previous albums, she might just need a bigger venue for the next time she’s in LA.

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