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Walk through the history of Fullerton College’s artwork

The Artist in Residence collection is now displayed at the FC Art Gallery. The collection has been worked on by the FC Art Department for several years, and has an assortment of pieces by artists who have influenced the department and it’s students. In 1972, Wayne Thiebaud paid a visit to the campus, setting the standard for the program. Each visiting artist has shared their skills for aspiring students.

“They were here, enlightening students to be all they can be. It meant a lot to us and it took us a long time to prepare this exhibit,” said Deborah Davidson, a professor from the Art Department.

Davidson explained that although the artists were only visiting for a short period of time, they were required to leave behind one of their pieces, creating a collection of colorful pieces that were displayed on Thursday, August 29.

Artists such as Marlo Bartels, Wayne Thiebaud, Hung Liu and Dimitri Hazda donated their artwork and spoke to the audience opening night.

“If there is one piece of advice I could give to student artists it’s to be yourself and portray that through your work,” added Bartels, whose ceramic piece was permanently installed on campus.

“We are standing in the middle of history right now. There is so much beauty and hard work in this room, I am very pleased to be here,” added FC president, Rajen Vurdien as he spoke to the gallery opening night.

Students were able to tour the gallery and speak to several artists who were invited to the opening.

“I came for extra credit and I was expecting to only be here for thirty minutes but I ended up staying for two hours,” said student Vanessa Lemus. “This is just beautiful.”

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