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Old school cars at the Muck

The Muckanthaler Cultural Center brings back the old school in Chicano art in a new exhibit on April 16.

Many people gathered to take a glance at the new exhibition, “Veterano Cars: Carros, Caruchas y Carchangas” that was brought by curator of The Muckenthaler and local Chicano artist, Frank Romero.

Romero, who is known more for his paintings of cars in the Chicano art style, was formerly involved in a group called “Los Four,” back in the ’70s.

Alongside Romero were famous muralist Judithe Hernández, Carlos Almaraz (1941-1989), Roberto de la Rocha and Gilbert Luján (1940-2011).

These aspiring artists were among the second most famous collective Chicano artist to follow a tradition of art and culture.

“I’m known for my cars,” Romero said. “I thought it would be really fun to do a car show, so I made a proposal and they loved it.”

The exhibit consisted of various pieces that depicted the movement of old school cars in Los Angeles. The pieces were meant to be a nostalgic yet artistic take on Chicano art.

Ceramics, paintings, prints and sculptures, were among the various art forms in the exhibition. Known artists such as Hernández; Ignacio Gomez (known for the Zoot Suite image) and founders of East Los Streetscapers Wayne Healy and David Botello, showcased their work.

“Whenever you have a group show you usually have a great turn out because it’s nice to have friends that you know who understand the true meaning of art,” said Matthew Leslie, director of exhibitions.

The exhibit took almost a year to put together because of the massive amount of planning that is put into gathering the art.

Artists are called and paintings have to be put together.

“That fact that Chicanos paint cars and fix them up, the similar ways that artists make sculptures, there is this correlation for Chicano art and painting and fine art,” Romero said. “So I’m trying to put them both together for the exhibition, on various paintings, ceramics with every representation of cars.”

The Muckenthaler always seems to bring great art experiences to the community and this exhibit proved to be an exciting turn out.


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