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Olvera Street offers great food and fun atmosphere

As talks and plans about high speed rail transportation take center stage in current trends and topics, conventional railroad travel is experiencing a popularity increase due to the current trending nature of passenger rail service.

Rail travel is a wonderful alternative to driving and flying. It can provide many great adventures that the latter cannot replicate. The Fullerton area is blessed with a train station that can virtually take you anywhere you want to go from anywhere in the continental United States to just about anywhere in California.

A great feature that is provided at the station and by Metrolink Railroad is the weekend pass that unlocks the Southern California area. With this pass, the majority of Metrolink’s lines are open to unlimited travel all day on the weekend day that you purchased the ticket.

We will be taking advantage of this pass throughout the semester and you will be guided to the local escapes that the Fullerton train station can be your gate to.

We begin our journey to a destination in the heart of the City of Los Angeles. Olvera Street is a small Hispanic District rich with culture located just across the street from Los Angeles Union Station. To access our destination we purchase our weekend passes from the ticket machine at Fullerton Station and board a mid-morning Metrolink Train bound for Los Angeles Union Station.

The scenery on the ride to LA depicts the story of the commerce and diversity that makes Los Angeles what it is, something that cannot be missed. Once arriving to Union Station a quick walk soon brings you to being completely surrounded by some of the best Mexican cuisine this side of the border, authentic as it gets. After a long afternoon of tacos and other fine Mexican treats, we boarded the Metrolink from Los Angeles Union Station to Fullerton and started to ponder on where we are going for our next adventure.

Olvera Street is a place that cannot be missed. From countless restaurants serving some of the tastiest Mexican food in LA to the architecture of the buildings dating back to the early part of the 20th century. A few things that cannot be missed when visiting Olvera are tacos from El Rancho Grande and cream filled churros from Mr. Churro. Authenticity is where it’s at and Olvera Street is sure not to be a disappointment. Join us next time as we catch the train to the beach for an end of summer adventure.

Adventures by Rail is a biweekly column dedicated to the Fullerton Station, riding the train and the many adventures it can bring.

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