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Beauty just a click away

Online subscriptions seem to be much more popular in this day and age. There are plenty of online subscriptions to choose from, beauty kits are very popular these days.

One of the kits on the rise is Ipsy. Subscribers pay a monthly fee of $10 and receive a makeup bag filled with five different beauty products monthly. These products range from concealers, makeup brushes, nail polishes, lip stains and much more.

When joining Ipsy, subscribers take a personal survey to ensure that the products they receive are compatible for them. The survey asks questions such as skin type, skin color, makeup brand preferences and such.

Ipsy sends their subscribers makeup from brands such as Tarte, Makeup Forever, NYX, Pacifica, The Balm and other brands that may be found in stores like Sephora.

One of the greatest benefits of Ipsy is that subscribers are introduced to new beauty products that they may have never tried before. It’s also a great way to see which brands they like or dislike.

Another cool thing is that all the products come in a new makeup bag every month. A girl can never have enough makeup bags.

Along with every good thing there is always some sort of downside. Although Ipsy is very beneficial when it comes to testing out new beauty products, the products aren’t always useful.

In other words, a 20-year-old doesn’t need anti-wrinkle cream. Yes, it’s important to take preventative steps, but anti-wrinkle cream isn’t something to look forward to in your makeup bag.

The monthly bags are sent out all throughout the month, which means someone may receive their bag in the beginning of a month and another subscriber towards the end of the month.

What usually happens is not everyone gets the same products. I have had friends tell me that they got something that I didn’t. So there tends to be a lack of consistency.

Some people may argue that paying $10 for samples is a rip-off. However, paying a monthly fee for samples can be more beneficial than paying $40 for a beauty product that one may not like.

Besides Ipsy there are other online beauty subscription including: Birchbox, Julep Maven and for the gentlemen there is the Dollar Shave Club.

Like Ipsy, Birch Box charges $10 a month and subscribers receive a box of different beauty product samples.Some of their brands include Benefit, Juicy Couture, Nexxus and OPI.

Unlike Ipsy, Birchbox also offers a monthly box for men as well. The men’s box includes products such as beard wash, deodorant, cologne, face wash and other manly grooming accessories.

Julep Maven is a similar site, however it is more focused on nail polishes. Julep, being the most pricey, cost $25 per month. Julep has different packages to choose from, which usually consists of three products. So it’s either two nail polishes and one full size beauty product, or three nail polishes and then there is another option to just receive two full size beauty products.

If someone is looking at sampling different beauty products Ipsy or Birchbox may be the best choice, especially for the price. If a girl is looking to amp up her nail polish collection then Julep Maven would be best.

For men, the Dollar Shave Club can cost as little as $1 per month or as high as $9. Either way it’s a steal. For $1, men receive two stainless steel blades and five cartridges per month. And for the $9 deal, six stainless steel blades and four cartridges a month. Since beards seem to be very popular these days this is great for guys looking for a nice affordable clean up.

If you are looking to try new beauty products or clean up your scruff, there are so many different websites to subscribe to that are tailored to your wants and needs.

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