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Is today’s youth truly the worst?

Another online challenge is trending that many young people are taking on. The Kylie Jenner Challenge has many using shot glasses and cups to create a vacuum-like suction and swell their lips to get them plumped up like Jenner’s.

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Challengers started to seriously injure themselves when their lips swelled so much that their skin broke, or when the shot glass broke and cut their skin. All you have to do is look up the hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge to see what’s going on.

“Why is it that only today’s youth seem to be so stupid?” people ask.

People seem to criticize the youth very harshly these days because of their weird behavior. Some even say that this is the worst generation yet.

But is there really something wrong about the youth of today?

The answer is no.

Youth of all generations have participated in many ridiculous acts and behaviors, dating all the way back to your grandparents.

Let’s rewind about two years back when kids were taking on a challenge known as the “Nail-polish Remover Challenge.” This is when people poured nail-polish remover on their chests, lit themselves with a lighter, then quickly put out the flame under a shower.

Let’s go further back to around 2004-2009. Remember the “Choking Game?” This was when people would strap a belt or rope tightly around their throat to get a quick high from the dizziness due to the lack of oxygen. Some children died as a result of this game; some of these deaths were even first mistaken for suicides.

It was also around that time when the emo craze was going about. Remember how it was “cool” to cut yourself while listening to My Chemical Romance or Hawthorne Heights?

Or to the early 2000s when people were going to parties and inhaling nitrous oxide “nos” from balloons to achieve that high.

This trend of stupidity with teenagers dates back way down to the older generations. Remember when your grandparents believed it was cool to smoke? It was this generation that taught us the real dangers of smoking.

People in the ’50s and ’60s would prick each other’s fingers and bring their wounds together to combine their blood because that was how you became what they called “blood brothers and sisters.” It was your grandparents who contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Thanks, Grandpa.

So no, it’s not just today’s youth. Virtually all generations of teens are stupid.

In fact, it’s not all teenagers – it’s only some. You cannot take the stupidity of a few people into consideration then call out their entire group.

So why is it happening more and more? You can thank social media for that. Prior to 2000, there was no Internet to help spread news or content like this. You are simply hearing about things much more frequently. If the Internet had existed in the ’80s, ’70s and ’60s, then you may have evidence of some of your parents and grandparents acting like idiots.

So if you are one of those people who like to talk down on today’s youth, then you need to get your head out of your ass.

You were once a teenager and probably did incredibly stupid things. The adults during your youth days were saying the exact same things you are saying now.

You were a stupid teenager once too. And guess what? You will most likely give birth to an idiot teenager as well. Have fun with that!

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