Buzz Worthy- Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Stephanie Lara


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Fullerton College hosted several events to increase campus awareness of the issue. The Hornet asked Fullerton College students what they consider is crossing the line when it comes to sexual assaults.


iris chu.JPG
Iris Chu, Communications major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“Anything that the other person didn’t give consent over.”

Irish Chu

Communications major


Arturo DeLeon.JPG
Arturo DeLeon, Film major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I think it’s crossing the line when a girl says ‘no’ and you keep going. Basically, going past her denial is crossing the line.”

Arturo DeLeon

Film major


Stephanie Perez.JPG
Stephanie Perez, Journalism major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“I think crossing the line is when you’re just forced to do something you don’t want to do and you’re put in a position that really wasn’t suppose to happen.”

Stephanie Perez

Journalism major


Frank Martinez.JPG
Frank Martinez, Undecided major Photo credit: Stephanie Lara

“When you can tell that the other person is uncomfortable. They don’t even have to say it, as long as you can see it that they’re not comfortable with whatever you’re doing. I think that’s taking it too far.”

Frank Martinez

Undecided major