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A.S. opens up

As Fullerton College continues into the third week of the fall semester, the student government is preparing for their Associated Students Senator elections.

“It’s a very good experience […] and a good networking environment, it’s a process but you get to make a difference on the campus,” said A.S. President John Ahn.

Ahn first served on the senate for one year, which motivated him to take on an executive position.

“I got really involved with my campus, I’m the Honors Program Ambassador, I’m in Phi Theta Cappa, and Alpha Gama Sigma, I’m also involved with the Care Bank on campus,” said Ahn.

As the A.S. president Ahn must listen to the concerns from all the clubs involved on campus and is the face of the student body. Ahn must also ensure the voice of the students are heard within the community in Fullerton.

“People who want more personal experience and get more involved in the community should definitely join,” said Ahn.

A.S. is responsible for planning and executing student events and providing the student body with activities such as Club Rush, NiteLife, and hosting the Red Cross Blood Drive.

“I’ve always done leadership activities, it’s something I could do pretty easily if I put my time and effort into it,” said A.S. Vice President Joey Victor.

Victor was also a Senator for a whole year until March 2013 when he began to develop an interest of obtaining an executive position.

As the Vice President, Victor is responsible for handling all contracts and scheduling activities for the senate and programming committee.

“It’s something you really need to have time for and you have to want to do it,” said Victor.

To become a senator a student must meet the requirements of having a minimum 2.3 GPA, must have time to go to regular A.S. meetings, have an interest in leading and meeting new people, need to fill out a packet, write a personal statement, and attend an orientation.

“It’s a trial and error process, eventually it all falls into a pattern. A motto that I follow is to always get enough sleep and eat properly,” Victor said.

Senate meetings are held every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the 200 building in room 227. All students are welcomed to join.

“For me as the A.S. President my motto is to always keep moving forward, it is very stressful and hard, but it is definitely worth it,” said Ahn.

A.S. Senate elections will held on September 18 and 19 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Quad.

For more information contact John Ahn at (714)-992-7000, extension 24006, or e-mail him at [email protected].

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