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The Fight of the Century?

Last Saturday we witnessed the result of a long awaited showdown between two of the biggest names in boxing. For the majority of those who watched the fight, it was officially dubbed a let down. After Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision, opinions began to flood into social media. Some pro-Floyd, but mostly pro-Pacquiao.

Many were surprised by the outcome of the fight, despite the fact that the punch results were clearly in favor of Mayweather.

Questions were raised as to how the judges were scoring the fight, whether they favor which boxer landed the most clean punches or which boxer was the aggressor and dictated the pace. Some people (including Pacquiao’s family) have even gone so far as to accusing the fight to be rigged in favor of Mayweather.

To begin with here are some the totals from the fight:

Out of Pac-Man’s 429 total punches thrown, he landed 81 of them giving him a connection percentage of 19. Money Mayweather threw 435 punches, landing 148, which gives him a connection percentage of 34.

Floyd completely dominated the punch totals however, Pacquiao was clearly the aggressor in this fight and spent most of his time in the center of the ring chasing Floyd down. It is because of this many people argue that the fight should have gone to Pacquiao instead of Mayweather, thus leading them to believe that the fight was actually fixed.

We all know that boxing hasn’t been the cleanest sport, as of late, with many controversial decisions being made. This gives fight fans a reason to not always trust the judges. Especially given the fact that Pacquiao has already been cheated by the judges when he clearly dismantled Timothy Bradley in the first fight in 2012, yet Bradley still won by split decision. Let’s get one thing straight people, this was not Bradley/Pacquiao.

Everyone remembers the five D’s of dodgeball being dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. That is exactly what Mayweather did to 81% of Pac-Man’s punches while throwing the occasional accurate counter-punch. This should come as no surprise because Floyd has done the same thing in his previous 47 fights and it has served him well up to this point.The problem is not what Mayweather was doing in the fight, the problem is what Pacquiao failed to do.

Anyone who was pro-Pacquiao or just simply anti-Mayweather, thought he would be the one to finally do what so many other fighters tried to do before him and that was to knock out Mayweather. When he failed to even come close, the entire fight itself immediately became a bust. Sure May-Pac wasn’t Ali-Frazier or Gatti-Ward, but when you look back at the fight, judge not with your heart but with what you see.

With recent news of Pac-Man sustaining a shoulder injury in training and fighting with a torn rotator cuff surfacing, it’s tough to say whether there will ever be a rematch. Regardless if there is or not, boxing fans will never have to wonder, “What if Pacquiao fought Mayweather?”

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