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Tribute Concert For Crystal Cathedral Pastor

A memorial concert was held on Friday evening for Dr. Robert H. Schuller, former pastor, televangelist and founder of the famous Crystal Cathedral, now called Christ Cathedral.

Among those in attendance was Shuller’s grandson Bobby Schuller who is now the pastor for “Hour Of Power” and the Crystal Cathedral congregation when they moved to their new location at Shepherds Grove. Many faithful and loyal members of Dr. Schuller’s congregation were also in attendance.

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The tribute concert was held at the Arboretum which was the original location of the “Hour Of Power” telecast. The main cathedral is closed and undergoing a major renovation.

The concert featured an orchestra and choir performing Giuseppe Verdi’s “Requiem Mass.”

The choir consisted of singers from University of Redlands, Mater Dei High School, and Fullerton College Chamber Singers.

Before the concert started, Father Christopher Smith who is the leader of Christ Cathedral, welcomed everyone and introduced Bobby Schuller. “We are grateful to be here and grateful to your grandfather for this place.” Bobby Schuller led everyone in a prayer before the concert began.

The concert was very moving and powerful. Principal soloist Ekaterina Kim and Beth Lytwynec voices echoed through the room that projected all the way to heaven.

Halfway through the concert a slide show began to play on the projection screen. The slideshow contained photos of Dr. Schuller from childhood, to present day and showed how the progress of the site from the first building, all the way to the grand Crystal Cathedral accompanied by Dr. Schuller’s quotes.

“The only place where your dreams become possible is in your own thinking”

This was the most emotional part of the concert for many, especially to those of the Schuller Congregation. It felt like Schuller was still teaching from the heavens.

The concert concluded with a standing ovation from everyone in the audience. Bobby Schuller loved the concert and felt that it was a beautiful tribute to his grandfather, stating, “my grandfather strongly believed that everyone has a chance to achieve greatness and that is what happened tonight.”

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