Fullerton Police on campus

Christian Fletcher

Campus Safety contacted Fullerton Police just before 12 p.m. today to request assistance with a suspicious persons reported on campus.

According to Fullerton Police dispatch officers were on the scene in under three minutes. No information regarding the suspect is yet known.

When asked if they had seen the police cruiser arrive, two students near the 1200 building where it was parked could not verify the exact time of arrival.

“We’ve been here for like an hour and it’s been here the whole time.” Desiree Flores remarked while pointing to the running police cruiser. She then added, “It seems kind of wasteful to keep the engine running so long.”

Fullerton College Campus Safety’s Sgt. Jim McKamy was contacted for more information, “Unfortunately we can not give out any information other than the time of contact with the police and the nature of the call due to student confidentiality.”

As of 2 p.m. the cruiser is still parked by the 1200 building, but the location of the officer and the nature of the suspect’s intent is still unknown.