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Nation is ready for Clinton

America’s history was changed after nominating its first African American president, Barack Obama in January of 2009. The public would have never came to expect the day would come years before he was elected or became president of the United States. He accomplished the unexpected just by pursing it; so why wouldn’t we be ready for a female president?

In April, Hillary Clinton, former first lady, announced that she will be running for the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 election.

It’s both good and bad. People could possible see the top nation as being weak. But at the same time it could change a lot of people’s views and fears.

Think about how president Obama was portrayed. Most people were for him becoming president but then everyone seemed to hate him once jobs were lost and he didn’t stand by what he promised.

It’s a great thing for women as a whole and a step towards a better world but as a society it can be a step back if we aren’t open to the idea of a different type of leader.

There are places in the world where women are not respected nor deemed as important as men. It would be interesting to see how she would handle things, such as negotiations with other nations on imports/exports, forming alliances and dealing with enemies. Although, some leaders of other countries may not want to associate with us.

Well, personally I want to see what happens. We’ve had 44 male presidents and have had okay ones and bad ones. So let’s see how we do with a female. I think women are smart, strong and capable. So I see no real reason why not.

What difference does it make if we have a female or male president? The public shouldn’t focus on the gender but more of what that individual can do for the people. The question isn’t “are we ready for a woman president?’ The question is are we ready for Hillary Clinton as our next president and is she qualified to be our leader. Times have changed and women aren’t less capable to do a “man’s job”.

Hillary does have her email scandal on her back and that will take a tremendous toll in her presidential campaign but Hillary has been US Secretary of State, Senator, and first lady to former president Bill Clinton.

She’s been around the system pulling off what most average men could’t. Women have changed the status quo and have proven to be just as successful as men or have even accomplished more. There are many other successful women leaders all around so why should it be controversial for Hillary. She isn’t a new face but she could possibly be thee face and the voice of the people.

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