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Fullerton College: Spring Concert

There’s an unbelievable amount of talented students at Fullerton College. The whole performance was moving and entertaining.

This performance in particular was moving because there was so much passion in the room. Each performer had so much fun with what they were doing on stage. They weren’t just some students in a group performing together; they’re a family that loves what they do and shares their talents with one another. It’s quite interesting how they worked together. Every single student stood out and supported each other.

J Train having a great time on stage Photo credit: Emily Michel
Soloist: Gian Manahan Photo credit: Emily Michel

There’s a difference when people perform because they love it and perform because they have to. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and music has a way of allowing people to escape from reality. Every song had a way of making the audience feel a certain way.

This performance wasn’t just any other performance it was special because J Train and Big Band presented two songs as a tribute to the late Steve Zegree, a man who contributed immeasurably to the vocal jazz world. This man changed Jamie Shew’s life path in such a positive way and she could’ve wanted it another way because she wouldn’t be where she’s at in her life right now and she couldn’t be more fortunate to have come across this man.

The Big Bad Band Photo credit: Emily Michel

The concert almost had a full house. They must be doing something right if they have the power to bring all these people together for one amazing performance.

Bruce Babad & Dan Radlauer Photo credit: Emily Michel
Special guest Dan Radlauer Photo credit: Emily Michel

Bruce Babad filled the room with laughter with all his humorous jokes. He announced how pleasant it was to work with such talented people. A person can be a great mentor but it’s all up to whose being mentored to take action and shine and these students did just that.

Babad invited a special guest to join the stage his name is Dan Radlauer who happens to be an American film and television composer. He came on stage and opened up with “Alligator Gumbo”.

I was fortunate to receive some feedback from students after the performance. “I’ve never attended a performance before but this performance was pretty awesome. I wish I could sing or play an instrument like these guys,” said Manuel Nunez.

Daniel Newell rocking the guitar at the spring concert Photo credit: Emily Michel
“Wow these groups are so talented this show was really awesome every year it’s a different experience,” said Giovanni Cruz.

J Train Vocal Jazz along side with beautiful Jamie Shew Photo credit: Emily Michel

These professors and amazing mentors couldn’t be anymore proud of what their students can and have accomplished.

“My students are amazing and they couldn’t have done a better job tonight. I’m so proud of them,” said Jamie Shew.

I highly recommend people to attend any musical performance at the school because it won’t be a waste of time or money. I enjoyed every minute. Most people aren’t aren’t aware of how great these two groups are which is why more people should come out to watch these two groups perform. It definitely won’t be a disappointment. It’s an amazing experience to attend. These students are very musically gifted and are ready to show the world what they can do.

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