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Finding fitness in Fullerton

Finding the time to stay fit between classes is a great way to stay focused and motivated in both health and education — especially since releasing endorphins while working out can help fight stress that school may cause.

Fullerton Loop
Bikers blaze the trails of the Fullerton Loop. Photo source: YouTube

However, not everyone realizes how convenient the Fullerton area is when it comes to fitness, and there are many options that are located just within a couple miles of the Fullerton College campus that can be within a student budget as well.

1. Chuze Fitness
In late September, a new gym will open up, called Chuze Fitness. They offer a very affordable start-up rate that is cheaper than most gyms. Another perk is this location has what they call a “cardio cinema room.” They will play action or comedy movies and inside there are treadmills, ellipticals, and bicycles to get cardio time in while watching whatever is playing that day.

2. Boot Camp FX
Boot Camp FX, located near Cal State Fullerton, is not exactly what it sounds like: there’s no yelling involved, but it still has an intense workout program. They pride themselves on getting their clients into shape and staying fit with their versatile workout routine that lasts for only 30 minutes a day during various times in the morning and evening. Even going three days a week can make a big difference.

3. 24 Hour Fitness
Just a couple of miles south on Lemon is a 24 Hour Fitness for those who have a busier schedule and need more flexible hours. They offer classes such as Turbo Kick and Zumba on set days and times, but there is also a basketball court, cardio room, weight room, and a pool to cater to whatever fitness plan works best for your schedule.

4. UFC Gym
The UFC Gym of Fullerton is a great place to relieve stress. With a membership, they offer an unlimited number of classes for boxing, kickboxing, and UFC fit every month. They even have personal training sessions for an additional fee if becoming an MMA fighter on the side is something you aspire to be.

Purple Yoga
Front of purple yoga’s spacious studio located on Amerige and Malden in Downtown Fullerton.
Photo source:

5. Purple Yoga
If the gym-rat life isn’t the type of thing you are into, a great option is to try Purple Yoga. They offer over 50 classes every week for both yoga and cycling, and it’s even within walking distance from campus. They offer a Yoga 101 workshop every month for those new to yoga, so they know what to expect and learn about the etiquette required to take part in the lifestyle.

6. The Fullerton Loop
For those who crave a little more adventure and enjoy a nice bike ride, the Fullerton Loop Trail is an 11.2 mile trail composed of 15 percent sidewalk and the rest mostly dirt. It’s a little tougher for beginners who have never been mountain biking, but makes for a great workout if you’re up to the challenge! It’s located northeast of Fullerton College and overlooks beautiful scenic areas, but also has steep climbs as well.

With all of these great options for staying fit, there’s no excuse not to find one that works best around your school schedule and in between study sessions. Find a few school friends with a common goal of staying fit and being stress-free this semester, and you’ll be on the right track to kicking finals in the ass.

To check out any of these places, visit their websites here:
Chuze Fitness
Boot Camp FX
24 Hour Fitness
Purple Yoga
Fullerton Loop Trail Map

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