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How to conquer the dreaded freshman 15

The infamous “Freshman 15” stirs up controversy at the beginning of each new school year. The leap from high school to college serves as a transition point in a teens life.

It is not uncommon that this type of change can happen. However, is this considered a fact of life or just an college myth?

According to recent studies conducted by Ohio State University, most college students don’t gain anywhere near 15 pounds in just their freshman year.

Rather, it’s a total weight gain accumulated throughout their four years of college.

Jay Zagorsky, research scientist at Ohio State University’s Center for Human Resource Research, believes that most students don’t gain large amounts of weight.

College doesn’t lead to weight gain, it’s becoming an adult.

In contrast, studies conducted by Heidi J. Wengreen and Cara Moncur, published in the Nutrition Journal in 2009, states that freshmen weight gain happens as physical activity decreases.

They hypothesized that weight gain is common during the first semester of college and is associated with behavior changes that impact energy balance.

This includes a healthier diet and physical activity.

Between leaving home, adapting to new living situations, a more demanding school schedule and pressure to fit in, these are the many factors that come into play in determining an exact weight gain for a first time college freshman. The participation in increased partying and alcohol consumption are ways that can eventually affect your health.

So how should college freshmen take on this new challenge? Well, the answer isn’t that literal, it serves as more of a variety of factors that should stay in mind while learning how to balance the transition.

Three things college freshmen should consider as they embark on their new life changing adventure.

Exercise: Regardless of how much you worked out prior to college, starting college is the beginning of growing up mentally and physically.

Make exercise a part of your life. It will not only keep the weight down, it will keep you energized as the transition sets in.

Positive life balance: Beginning a new stage at anything in life brings change and college brings a lot of new independent privileges.

Learning how to balance fun and responsibility can help keep your weight consistent. Too much of anything is never healthy.

Healthy eating choices: Everything in moderation is crucial as we get older.

Students need to learn to follow a healthy and balanced diet to stay at a regular weight.

Starting college should be an exciting time for every freshman. Consider these steps for a healthier balance in a changing situation.

You will discover your own conclusion that fits in to your own experience.

To help with healthy eating habits the health center has many flyers on low cost healthy choices.

Don’t forget to eat five fruits and vegetables a day to help with your energy level and to keep your bones strong.

Also watch the serving sizes on food packages and do not go over them. The serving sizes are there for a reason, to much of a good thing is not good.

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